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Who Should Apply?

Our top candidates are well-rounded, team-oriented, and
high-potential professionals.

As you think through why you want to go back to school, ask yourself the three questions listed below. Your answers will provide the information you need to make the most-informed decision about applying.

1. Are you ready?

Why it matters: Real-world professional experience is the best way to refine your career goals, giving you a clearer sense of purpose for pursuing an MBA. You may not know precisely what you want to do after graduation, but have you given your future some serious thought? Are you motivated to reach the next level in your career? Some people are “ready” straight out of college, while others may have worked full-time for a few years or more. Take an honest look at your goals for pursuing a full-time MBA and assess what you have done to prepare. Only you know if you are truly ready—emotionally, mentally, academically, and professionally—to take on the challenge.

2. Do you have demonstrated experience leading and working as part of a team?

Why it matters: Much of what you will learn in our dynamically interactive MBA Program, you learn from your peers. Our team-oriented approach reflects the team-focused philosophy of successful organizations. Teamwork requires being open to new ideas; time management and leadership skills; effective communication; and delegating responsibilities. Candidates with proven experience leading and working as part of an effective team bring added value to the program.

3. Do you consider yourself a “citizen of the world” either through your cultural background; travel, work, or volunteer experiences; or as an international student?

Why it matters: Helping students develop a clear understanding of the global business environment is a key component of our program. Students from diverse cultural backgrounds and those who have lived and traveled abroad are able to share their insights and experiences with their peers. Their invaluable contributions to classroom discussions, team projects, and student organizations enhance the learning experience for everyone.

Take Six

Top six traits we look for in our Full-Time MBA candidates:

  1. Professional work experience (3+ years preferred)
  2. Academic potential (GPA and GMAT or GRE)
  3. Proven success working in teams
  4. Cultural diversity or international work/travel experience
  5. Demonstrated leadership
  6. Effective communication skills

University of Tennessee Full-Time MBA Program
Class of 2017

Who We Are
Total students: 62
Average age: 27
Average work experience: 4.8 years
Undergraduate GPA: 3.36
GMAT score: 627
Females: 37%
Minority students: 10%
Non-U.S. citizens: 31%
Students pursuing dual degrees: 19%
Veterans: 12%

Undergraduate majors:

  • Arts & Sciences 43%
  • Business 23%
  • Engineering 23%
  • Other 11%

Where We Are From
United States


Are you ready to get started?

Give us a call at 865-974-5033 to talk about your qualifications for admission or to ask any questions about the application process. We would love to hear your story and help you determine if applying to the UT Full-Time MBA Program is right for you.

MBA Program Office~ 504 Haslam Business Building ~ Knoxville, TN ~ 37996 - 4150
Phone: 865-974-5033 ~ Fax: 865-974-3826 ~


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