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Finding the perfect fit for your organization begins here at the University of Tennessee’s full-service Office of MBA Career Management. We understand that achieving your recruiting goals requires a comprehensive and effective strategy that is personalized to meet your specific needs. That is what we deliver, and that is why employers return to us year after year to recruit top talent for local, regional, national, and global opportunities.

To help you identify the right talent for your organization, we offer a wide variety of ways to connect with UT Full-Time MBA students, including:

Start Recruiting

Advice on Recruiting Haslam College of Business Graduate Students

Call our office at 865-974-5033 to speak with Career Management representative. We will help you:

  1. Identify the type of student you’d like to target (graduate students, alumni, specific majors, experience levels, etc.)
  2. Discuss how to target and promote your opportunity to the appropriate students or alumni
  3. Schedule interview dates and reserve interview space
  4. Identify methods to build your employer brand, meet potential candidates and promote your opportunities through on-campus information sessions, career fairs, workshops and networking events
  5. Periodically evaluate your recruiting strategy to ensure long-term succes

To see more information on one of the topics below, click on one of the Orange titles.

Go to our Haslam Career Hub page by visiting this link:, then and follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the 1st Time Users Section and Click on Create a New Account
  • Read and Accept the Terms & Conditions
  • You must create a unique username and password. To insure uniqueness, we strongly recommend using your email address for your username. We have pre-loaded many employer contact records into our new system.  Your email address is your identifier.  If you use the email address that we have on file for you, your new login account will be connected to your existing data, which saves you time!
  • Review your Contact Information and hit Save. 

**Important** Update your visibility to students by updating the “Share contact Information with Students” question.  Yes – allows the students to search and view your information and No allows your information to remain confidential. 

Once you are logged in, you will be able to perform the following functions:

Post a Job:

  • Go to the Job Posting Tab
  • Click on the Add Button - Enter Job Information & Save
  • The job will go live once we have had a chance to review it in the system. 

Submit a Request to Present or Interview on Campus:

  • Go to On Campus Requests Tab
  • Select Type: Interview Full-Time Position, Interview -  Internship Position, Single Company Event, Multi-Company Event or Office Hours
  • Accept the Recruiting Policies
  • Enter your Request Information
  • An email will be sent to inform you of your confirmed date.

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MBA Full-Time Career Positions

  • MBA Starting Mean Salary                       $79,893
  • MBA Starting Median Salary                    $78,000
  • MBA Starting High Salary                        $135,000

Internship Salary MBA Class of 2015

  • Average Internship Salary:                     $25/hour

Recruitment Guide

Average Starting MBA Salaries by Percentage Breakdown & Job Function

Job Function


Average Salary

Business Analytics












Consulting, Engineering and Legal



MBA Percentage & Salary Breakdown by Industry







Consumer Packaged Goods



Financial Services















Other (Architecture, Athletics, Automotive, Aviation, Engineering, IT, Law, Marketing, Real Estate)



Graphic Breakdown of MBA Full-Time Jobs



US - Mid-Atlantic


US - Midwest


US - Northeast


US - South


US - Southwest


US - West


Geographic Breakdown of MBA Internships



US - Mid-Atlantic


US - Midwest


US - Northeast


US - South


US - Southwest


US - West


2014-2015 MHRM, MAcc, Business Analytics Average Salaries

MHRM Full-Time Starting Salary Average


MAcc Full-Time Starting Salary Average


Business Analytics Full-Time Starting Salary Average


  • September-December: Peak full-time recruiting season
  • December: UT Full-Time MBA and Master in Business Analytics students graduate
  • February-April: Peak summer internship recruiting season
  • May: Dual-degree UT Full-Time MBA students graduate (such as JD/MBA, MBA/MS Engineering, MBA/ MS Business Analytics, MBA/MS AgEcon).
  • Summer: Full-Time MBA students participate in required* internships

* Employers are encouraged to contact us any time throughout the year to recruit for summer internship opportunities

September 17-18 Supply Chain Management Industry Networking Event
October 2 CPG Boot Camp
October 2 Business Analytics Industry Networking Event
October 8-9 Marketing Industry Networking Event
October 15-16 University of Tennessee Fall Break
November 10-12 University of Tennessee Supply Chain Forum
November 26-27 Thanksgiving Holiday
December 4-January 12 Winter Break

Let’s Talk

If you are interested in recruiting future leaders for your organization, we can help you discover talent, develop your on-campus brand, and successfully place UT Full-Time MBA students in your company. To plan an effective recruiting strategy or to learn more about the benefits of hiring our students, call us today at 865-974-5033.

Molly Kinard, Director, MBA Career Management and Alumni Relations

MBA Program Office~ 504 Haslam Business Building ~ Knoxville, TN ~ 37996 - 4150
Phone: 865-974-5033 ~ Fax: 865-974-3826 ~


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