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Dual MBA-MS (Agricultural Economics)

The Haslam College of Business and the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources offer a dual program leading to the conferral of both the Master of Business Administration and the Master of Science with a concentration in Agribusiness in the Agricultural Economics Major. The dual program can be accomplished with approximately 20 fewer hours of coursework than would be required to earn both degrees separately.

The establishment of the dual program addresses the critical need for agribusiness personnel trained in business fundamentals, with the analytical, technical, management, and economic decision-making skills to operate within the modern economic environment. The objective of the dual degree program is to prepare graduates to take leading management roles within agribusiness firms in a rapidly changing agricultural sector in an increasingly competitive global market. The program is directed toward management of agribusiness firms within the agricultural-consulting, bioenergy, food-processing, input-supply, marketing, and transportation industries, among others.


The dual MS-MBA curriculum consists of 60 hours of coursework, 30 hours for the Master of Business Administration and 30 hours for the Master of Science. A minimum of 30 hours must be from the Haslam College of Business. Of the 30 hours required for the Master of Science, a minimum of 21 hours must be at the 500 level, a minimum of 21 hours must be from the Department of Agricultural Economics, and nine hours of electives may be from the Haslam College of Business, the Department of Agricultural Economics, and/or other courses approved by the student’s Master’s Committee. A written comprehensive exam on the material covered in Agricultural Economics courses is required during the spring semester of the second year. An oral exam is also required for students who receive a marginal pass on the written exam.

The dual degree candidate must satisfy the curriculum and graduation requirements of the Agricultural Economics major and the Haslam College of Business. Students withdrawing from the dual degree program before completing both degrees will not receive credit toward graduation in either degree program for courses taken in the other degree program, except as such courses qualify for credit without regard to the dual degree program. The MS and the MBA degrees will be awarded upon successful completion of the requirements of the dual program.


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