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Custom Concentration

If one of the MBA concentration areas listed above does not fit you, or if you have multiple interests that you would like to pursue, a customized concentration for the second year may be the perfect solution.  For example:

More than one interest area: If you are interested in taking courses in two or more disciplines (for example, you are interested in both Marketing and Supply Chain Management), you may want to customize a curriculum that includes courses in both of your areas of interest (in this case, Marketing and Supply Chain Management).

Specialized topic of interest:  As an example, if you are especially interested in working in the healthcare field, you may want to customize a curriculum that includes up to three courses in your functional area of interest and MGT 542 (Business Planning in the Healthcare Industry).  In another example, if you are especially interested in international business, you may choose to take:  MKTG 536 (Global Integrated Marketing Communications), MKTG 537 (Global Product and Brand Management), FIN 571 (International Finance) and/or LOG 547 (Supply Chain Analytics and Strategy).  You may request any combination of courses that meet the minimum program requirements and fulfill your personal and career goals.

Any customized concentration must be approved in advance by the MBA Program Director.  In addition, all students who choose a customized concentration will see “Business Administration” listed as the concentration on the official academic transcript.


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