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Transforming your career in only 17 months takes a lot of hard work. Your first year in the UT Full-Time MBA Program will be focused on building a solid foundation of business and experiential knowledge. During your second year, you will develop expertise in the areas matching your interests and goals. Combine that coursework with a hands-on internship, a global learning experience, and electives you are passionate about, and you will graduate ready to take on all of the opportunities that lie ahead.

“Learn. Transform. Lead.” It’s a process, it’s life changing, and it all takes place in only 17 months. Below is a quick overview of how your UT Full-Time MBA experience will unfold.

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Your Curriculum Snapshot: UT Full-Time MBA Program


LEAP Week: Your UT MBA adventure begins with an action-packed immersion week. We call this week LEAP: Learn, Engage, Assess, Present. You will hit the ground running, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and jump into an exciting time of skill and team building, experiential learning, and career development.

The Core: When LEAP Week ends, your first year MBA classes begin. Over the first year (fall and spring semesters), you will develop the skill sets needed to help you succeed as an MBA student and, more importantly, as an effective leader in any organization.

First year MBA classes cover topics such as:
• Accounting
• Business Skills Development
• Demand Management
• Economics
• Finance
• Innovation In Practice
• Supply Chain Management

Integrated Case Competitions: Your first year will be divided into four sessions. The first three sessions end with an integrated case competition customized annually to reflect current business issues. The fourth session concludes with Innovation In Practice presentations, which are the culmination of a unique 7-1/2 week consulting project.


Global Business Seminar: At the end of your first year, you will take classes and travel internationally as part of the required Global Business Seminar. This experiential learning opportunity provides a firsthand look at the cultural, administrative, and economic complexities of conducting business internationally. If you are an international student with a F-1 Visa, your global experience may take place in the United States.


Full-Time MBA students are required to secure a summer internship. During your internship, you will apply what you have learned in the classroom in a business setting, develop invaluable hands-on experience, and build your professional network.


The fall semester of your second year is the final semester in the Full-Time MBA Program. During this semester, you will take concentration and elective courses (12 credit hours) and the MBA Capstone Course, Global Business Strategies (3 credit hours).

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